The Sixpounder True To Yourself
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Swan Song

I’m in my car on a one way ride to meet with my demise,

Looking for someone just like me with no other place to be tonight,

Listening to a shitty radio track that I clearly do not like,

Getting more angry at the fact that this tune is my suicide soundtrack


I ain’t the one that should beg for forgiveness

I am here to feed the demon

It won’t go away

It’s a part of me

You try to save me from myself

But I’m here to feed the demon

It’s a part of me!

I am the MVP

The Past

Drowning the past for you!

‘Till nothing remains!

With every drop I’m getting colder

The silence of an angel cry

I’m spending all I never had

Cause now

We are drowning their paradise

The Story

The third album was recorded when Frantic Phil had a mental breakdown.

It’s full of angry, moody lyrics; heavy riffs and dark undertone.

It’s the band’s heaviest album to date.

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True To Yourself

Release Date : March 14, 2016
Artist : The Sixpounder
Catalog ref. : 0602547827296
Format : CD

The band’s third studio album presents the heaviest tone and music as of yet.