The Sixpounder Cover
The Sixpounder Cover



FYI I will not be bleeding from these wounds you’re trying to inflict

Cause right now I am like a terminator 

with no remorse, no pity for the weak

All you have is the envy that is eating your soul away

so sit back relax and watch the show

It’s about to begin

Guess now you understand that it’ll be the end

Of your lies, now you cry but no one gives a shit

Take this flame to your heart and


The Hourglass

Press play, fast forward,

right to the time you could’ve done it alright

Stand there, look at yourself

What do you know? It could’ve happened in a different way

What would you do if you could turn back the time?

Just press pause, think about what you have done and rewind

All that was lost, all that was left behind

Is now a history soon forgotten with the smell of your lies

Dead Man Walking

I opened my eyes into the darkness

I could only see the cold

My breath was running out of my chest

As if being chased by a hunter from the world that I left

Felt that I would never had the chance to make it right 

I knew I was closer to the end 

All this fear and all this horror

Made me realize that it would be the end of me unless I take the stand and 

Feel it

The Story

The second album was the most guest-heavy with guest appearances from Peter of Vader, Vogg of Decapitated and Hiro of Kat. It also features the band’s most iconic metal-ballad “Dead man walking”.

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The Sixpounder

Artist : The Sixpounder
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Format : CD