Going To Hell Cover
Going To Hell Cover


Last True Cowboy Manifesto

This is not another stupid song

About what we know how to rock and roll

How to kick some ass and chew some gum

Oh no, here it comes:

The cliche, let me say

It’s my mistake.

A Heart Beat

The flashing light’s in front of my eyes,
the siren’s getting ever so loud
I’m gaining speed without moving at all,
I lost my breath with every passing second my pulse gets low
I am lost I’m so cold I know that I am done
but I still don’t want to go
I need help I need someone I need you


Your hands ale clean
or at least this is what you think
I can’t say that you are
one of the brightest
‘cause living a lie is so convenient,
and I don’t even know
what’s right anymore

The Story

The debut album was recorded in three different studios in the span of months.

During that time Frantic Phil has lived abroad and had to fly in multiple times to finish laying the vocals.

A Heart Beat was the band’s first ballad and it was also the quickest to write and record.

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Going To Hell? Permission Granted!

Artist : The Sixpounder
Catalog ref. : 602527979489
Format : CD