A tour bus to Krakow??

We just had an idea… Would you like to join us on the quest of winning (???) the finals of the Woodstock 2014 Festival eliminations, which are taking place on the 21st of June!

We would charge you 60 PLN for the ride (both ways naturally, unless you piss us off, lol).

The gigs start out at around 4:00 pm but the bus ride would start at 8:00 am sharp - so that you would get the chance to do some sightseeing in Krakow.

On that day (21.06) a lot of great bands are gonna play, such as:




Mama Selita


Shata QS

The Sixpounder

Tuff Enuff


Wild Pig


The headlining band is gonna be Lao Che!

Unfortunately we can’t let you guys go on dilly dallying so we need people who are a 100% on board with us!

The deadline is until 15.06 (Sunday) - so we need answers now!

Are you with us?


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